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2012  Network Emulator with Virtual Host and Packet Diversion  単著   
Cyber Journals: Multidisciplinary Journals in Science and Technology, Journal of Selected Areas in Telecommunication(JSAT)  , Vol.2/No.2  , pp.13--20  , 2012/04   

概要(Abstract) 継続して開発してきたLinuxのユーザ空間プログラムとして動作するネットワークエミュレータの改良版である。カーネルの修正なしで、20マイクロ秒までのタイマで駆動されるqueueによって、リンクのバンド幅制限、遅延、パケットロスなどの回線の特性を模倣できる。パケットの横取りによる自由な構成と、Linux Network Namespaceに基づいた仮想ホスト/ルータ機能、さらにGUIを追加した。これによって20から30のホストから構成されるネットワーク実験が1台のPCで可能となる。また、複数のエミュレータを接続することができる。 

備考(Remarks) http://www.cyberjournals.com/Papers/Mar2012/03.pdf 

2009  Design and Evaluation of IP Multipath Transmission with Feedback  共著   
Systems Science  , Wraclaw University of Technology  , Vol.35/No.2  , pp.73-79  , Nov. 2009   

概要(Abstract) In this research, a simple multipath IP datagram transmission scheme is proposed and implemented as a
user space router program.
Delay and congestion vary along with time on each path and their estimation is the difficult part.
In the proposed system, Multipath Tunneling Router
(called MTR), traffic and delay of each path are periodically reported to the sender.

An IP datagram is encapsulated in a UDP datagram and randomly transmitted to one of the paths according to the weight calculated with the feedback information from the receiving node.
The path weight is based on the estimation of delay increase, which is measured as mean delay minus long
term minimum delay of each path.

The system is implemented as a user space tunneling router program on Linux and the performance is evaluated with a network emulator
we have developed in a previous research.
The program is rather small and consists of 1252 line of codes in C++. The system is shown to be practical for two paths of different capacity and delay.
Currently maximum throughput of the router implementation is about 65Mbps with a single core CPU. It can be better with faster CPU. 

備考(Remarks) KAWAMOTO K. and GOTO K.

2008  Design and Evaluation of IP Multipath Transmission with Feedback  共著   
Proc. of 19th International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSENG 2008)  , pp.294-299  , 2008/08   

概要(Abstract) In this research, a simple multipath IP datagram transmission scheme is proposed and implemented as a user space router program. An IP datagram is encapsulated in UDP datagram and randomly transmitted to one of the paths according to the weight calculated with the feedback information from the receiving node. Performance of the system was evaluated with a network emulator and the system is shown to be practical at up to 60Mbps. 

備考(Remarks) Kawamoto, T. and Goto, K.

2007  Design and Implementation of a Traffic Limiter for Network Security  共著   
Proc. of 16th International Conference on Systems Science  , Vol.II  , 213-220  , Sep. 2007   

概要(Abstract) We developed a network traffic limiter (called GateKeeper)
as a Linux user space PC bridge software to investigate
the effectiveness of traffic limiting for attacks such
as denial of services.
The limiter passes through, drops, or dispatches
an incoming frame to one of the frame queues,
according to the filter rules based on the alerts
from an existing Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
The frame queues represent delay, bandwidth limit, or random loss
to discourage excessive traffic from suspicious hosts.
Through the experiments we found
that the proposed limiter running on a PC
can process frame queues effectively with given parameters.
The effectiveness of traffic limiting has been partially verified
so far for simple attacks such as port scans and ICMP flooding.
The current system can be useful for developing limiting rule policy
or used as a part of low cost intrusion prevention system.
Note that this research is rather focused on a limiting/throttling engine
than an intrusion detection engine. 

備考(Remarks) Aoyama, M., Kojima, M., Goto, K.

2006  IPv4/v6 Network Emulator using Divert Socket  共著   
Proc. 18th Int. Conf. on Systems Engineering, ICSE2006, Coventry, UK  , 159--166  , 2006/09   

概要(Abstract) We designed and implemented a software network emulator,
GINE, using IP divert socket mechanism.
A realistic network topology which consists of many routers
can be represented in a simple C++ main program with our API.
Through performance test, it was found that a network topology with more
than 50 routers can be emulated with very high throughput of
200 Mbps on an inexpensive PC.
Also, emulated throughput, delay, and loss distribution were found
to be very close to the given parameters.
Although GUI and many other functionalities have not been implemented yet,
our emulator is a useful tool for network professionals, education, and
network application testing, since it is simple and easy to customize. 

備考(Remarks) A. Ihara, S. Murase, K. Goto

2005  Network Intrusion and Failure Detection Systemwith Statistical Analyses of Packet Headers  共著   
Proc. of 18th International Conference on Systems Engineering  , IEEE Computer Society  , pp.22-27  , 2005/08   

概要(Abstract) In this research, practical application for quasi-realtime
intrusion and network failure detection was designed and implemented.
IP packet headers are counted at the monitoring point
and summarized in every 5 minutes.
Then four kind of statistical analyses are applied
to the 5-minute summaries to find a sudden increase/decrease.
As the result, the developed application works fine
with a standard desktop PC.
Warnings were reported in at most 1 minute after every 5-minute
In addition to the warning report,
Web interfaces were implemented to help the administrator
to trace the cause of a warning. 

備考(Remarks) Kunio GOTO and Koji KOJIMA

2004  MTAにおけるspam対策の実践報告  共著   
情報処理学会研究報告  , 情報処理学会  , 2004-DSM-34(11)  , pp.61-64  , 2004/07   

概要(Abstract) NPO法人 東海インターネット協議会(TIC)において半年続けて来たspam対策の


2003  On Classfication of Alarms from Network Intrusion Detection System Using Multi-layer Feed-forward Neural Networks  共著   
Proc. of the IASTED International Conference on Newral Networks and Computational Intelligence  , International Association of Science and Technology for Developement  , pp.163-168  , 2003/05   

概要(Abstract) ネットワークからの侵入を検出する既存のシステムから大量に報告される警告をニューラルネットワークを用いて学習し危険度に

備考(Remarks) Goto, K. and Keeni, K. 

2001  On Extraction of E-mail Address from Fax Message for Automatic Delivery to Individual Recipient  共著   
Proc. of IASTED Interna-tional Con-ference on Signal Proc-essing, Pattern Recognition and Appli-cat  , ACTA Press  , 169-174  , 2001/07   

概要(Abstract) コンピュータで受信したFAXのカバーページ中の電子メイルアドレスを文字認識により抽出し,そのメッセージを電子メイルで受けとり人に転送する方法を提案し,システムを試作,評価した。文字認識はキニ,下平が担当し,後藤はシステムの試作とデータ作成を担当した。 

備考(Remarks) Keeni, K. Goto, K. Shimodaira, K. 

1996  Javaによるマルチメディア分散データベースシステムの設計と実現  共著   
オブジェクト指向最前線, 情報処理学会OO’96シンポジウム論文誌  , 朝倉書店  , 229-235 (共同研  , 1996/07   


備考(Remarks) 野呂昌満,後藤邦夫 

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